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A Developer Advocate for Chrome and the Open Web at Google.

I love the web. The web should allow anyone to access any experience that they need without the need for native install or content walled garden.

Chrome Bug 897727 - MediaRecorder using Canvas.captureStream() fails for large canvas elements on Android

Paul Kinlan

At the weekend I was playing around with a Boomerang effect video encoder, you can kinda get it working in near real-time (I'll explain later). I got it working on Chrome on Desktop, but it would never work properly on Chrome on Android. See the code here. It looks like when you use captureStream() on a <canvas> that has a relatively large resolution (1280x720 in my case) the MediaRecorder API won't be able to encode the videos and it won't error and you can't detect that it can't encode the video ahead of time.

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