Recumbent Cycles

This post is a link to my uncles business, my uncle deals in Recubent Cycles. For anyone who doesn't know what a is:

A recumbent bicycle is a variety of bicycle which places the rider in a seated or supine position (rarely, in a prone position). Recumbents hold the world speed record. The back of the rider is supported, and the rider's legs are extended forward to pedals that are about the same height as the seat. Steering is either above seat steering (ASS), which uses a handlebar that is located in front of the rider, or under seat steering (USS), which uses a handlebar located under the seat. The wheels are often smaller and/or further apart than on an ordinary bicycle.
To quote my uncle.

"My name is Andrew Kinlan and I love bicycles. I'm pretty much interested in just about every aspect of cycling from its history to its future, but have a particular and faithful interest in recumbent bikes. I have owned a few and ridden many different types of recumbent cycle over the years."

"I consider myself lucky that my brother and his wife live in Holland. Regular family visits and excursions to Ligfiets winkels (recumbent cycle shops) and the annual Cyclevision event has indulged and expanded my passion for recumbents.""The Dutch and Germans admittedly have a talent for making good quality recumbent cycles and trikes."

"My ultimate goal in starting my business would be to have a largest collection of the finest recumbent cycles people can try and ultimately buy. I must confess that I'm not an expert or professional in the cycle trade but perhaps a professional enthusiast."

"It is as an enthusiast that I have chosen the Dutch manufacturer Rainbow. They are one of a group of Dutch recumbent manufacturers that provide a supreme quality product. Riding their machines and seeing at first hand who makes them and how, has lead me to wanting to introduce Rainbow recumbents to England. It's as an enthusiast that I would like to introduce people to the experience of riding a recumbent cycles and ultimately making the right choice from a selection of quality products."

"If you have any questions concerning the recumbents or would like to test ride a Rainbow please contact me to make an appointment."Kind regardsAndrew Kinlan

If you are interested in Cycling and would like to see some of my uncles selection please visit his site []. I would much appreciate it.

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