OPML .Net Object Model

[This is the second time I typed this because IE7 suddenly closed down whilst I was typing the original post.]

I have been playing around with the .Net XML Serialization over the past couple of days. I thought it would be a good idea to create an object based roughly around the OPML 2.0 DRAFT spec. With the intent of being able to serialize and deserialize OPML files with ease.

I had some successes with Serializing the OPML Object. I had developed the OPML Object model with constraints in which are defined in the spec, so the OPML file was correctly formed when it was serialized.

I had problems with the de-serializing. I could not get the XML Deserializer to enforce some of the constraints that I had placed on public propertties, so it was infact possible to load an incorrectly constructed OPML file.

I will post the code later. But I will keep playing with the code.

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