Microsoft to upgrade Xbox 360 CPU

Microsoft will upgrade the CPU used in its Xbox 360 games console early next year, the CPU's manufacturer announced today. The new CPU will be built using technology that can reduce heat and power consumption, as well as potentially increasing speed.

I have seen a lot of comment on this, and people are reacting saying "I AM GONNA TAKE MINE BACK", how ridiculous is that. Microsoft are cutting the cost of making their machine, so that they get better yeilds and also save more money and it is really unlikely that they will speed it up, rather they will make it run cooler and quiter!

Each of the console manufacturers has a long history of this type of modification, god knows sony did it all the time and for good reason.

I bought a PS2 when it came out, and it was the biggest piece of junk ever, the DVD playback was terrible and the sound was delayed for about 2 seconds. It wasn't until later versions that it got better I heard. (by that time I had sold my PS2)

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