IDataRecord Fields to Dictionary Extension Method

I have never been a fan of directly passing IDataRecords, or IDataReaders for that matter, about the place to get simple field values out.

Therefore, with the introduction of C# 3.0 and Extension Methods, I thought it would be cool to write (and share) a simple implementation of some code that I use to convert the IDataRecord Field data to an Dictionary<string, object> object.

namespace Kinlan.Data.Extensions{    public static class DataExtensions    {        public static Dictionary<string, object> FieldsToDictionary(this IDataRecord dataRecord)        {            Dictionary<string, object> fieldBag = new Dictionary<string, object>(dataRecord.FieldCount);            if (dataRecord != null)            {                               for (int fieldIdx = 0; fieldIdx < dataRecord.FieldCount; fieldIdx++)                {                    string name = dataRecord.GetName(fieldIdx);                    object value = dataRecord[fieldIdx];                    fieldBag.Add(name, value);                }            }            return fieldBag;        }    }}

It is quite simple really and nothing too complex.

A place where it can be used it Windows Workflow.  If you are injecting parameters into your Workflow instance you need to pass a Dictionary<string, object> in, well now you can (if you desired) simply convert a IDataReader/IDataRecord object into with the following simple piece of code:

WorkflowInstance instance = runtime.CreateWorkflow(typeof(WorkflowClass), dataReaderInstance.FieldsToDictionary());

This code should be used sparingly, for instance if you wanted a very high performance access to the field data, you might as well stay on the IDataRecord.

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