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After the Chrome Dev Summit, I had the chance to take some time off and spend it with my family, and during the downtime I got to think about all that has happened over the last year.

I'm incredibly proud of my team and how they responded to the crisis that hit the world this year - we built tools like web.dev/covid to give developers advice on how to keep sites up and running, set up a forum for public services support during the lock-downs; ran web.dev/live and Chrome Dev Summit to help enable you to build well for the web; supported the launch of vitals to help quantify and understand UX improvements you can make; released a new developer.chrome.com site, updated squoosh, landed many updates to workbox... the list goes on.

All of this was amazing and it was great to see it out there helping people, yet there was one thing that really stood out to me that I missed. I missed direct connections with people, and I would like to rectify that as much as I can this year (given the travel restrictions).

I'm going to run something that Carol and Benji set up at Chrome Dev Summit: "Office Hours". Office Hours gave all registered attendees access to our engineering team and the ability to ask them any question ranging from career advice to deep technical questions about the fundamentals of Chrome.

I believe that your access to support shouldn't be limited to just the time around an event like Chrome Dev Summit, so I've opened up my calendar so that you can schedule time with me, ask me any question and I will try and help you as best as I can.

I want to hear about what you are working on and how I can help you and I'm especially excited to hear from developers working in areas that we don't traditionally reach (South America, India, Russia, the entire continent of Africa, China, Indonesia etc).

If you have a question about JavaScript, CSS, Network and Runtime performance, Security, Media, PWA and modern capabilities (Fugu). I can also help navigate the Chrome team (if needed). Hit me up. If I can't answer the question, I can normally find someone who can (or I can help search Stack Overflow) :D

I'm also more than happy to help you with any career advice at any level, ranging from getting in to tech to leading teams.

Schedule a meeting and let's chat!

I'll be adding more time over the coming weeks.

I lead the Chrome Developer Relations team at Google.

We want people to have the best experience possible on the web without having to install a native app or produce content in a walled garden.

Our team tries to make it easier for developers to build on the web by supporting every Chrome release, creating great content to support developers on web.dev, contributing to MDN, helping to improve browser compatibility, and some of the best developer tools like Lighthouse, Workbox, Squoosh to name just a few.

I love to learn about what you are building, and how I can help with Chrome or Web development in general, so if you want to chat with me directly, please feel free to book a consultation.

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