Google Search: Directory explorer c#

A visitor to my site was looking for "directory explorer c#". I know they wouldn't have found what they wanted, they would have found my tag directory instead. Hopefully this post might rectify this in the future.

The first thing I think when I saw this query was, does this person mean ASP.Net Internet Directory browsing or do they mean a Win32 application for browsing directories in the System.IO namespace.

I am presuming the latter, because the former can be configure in IIS without any c#.

In .Net there is a whole bevy of File and Directory functionality. Mostly all the functions are static Methods so you can do things such as:File.Exist("c:\test.txt");which will return a boolean if test.txt exists on the c:\ drive.

You can get a list of directories by calling Directory.GetDirectories("C:\"); which will return a string array of directories directly underneath the C: drive.

I hope this quick blog helps anyone popping by my site.

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