Building ffmpeg.js for Ubuntu

FFMPEG.js is an amazing project and it helped me building one of my latest projects: Device Frame. It basically builds ffmpeg (with a good set of defaults to keep the size small — as small as it can be). If the default build doesn't support the filters and encoders you need, then you will need to build it yourself.

This is more of a note for me in the future, but this is what I did to get it working. (Note: I tried on macOS sierra and was getting compile errors).

Install Deps

  1. sudo apt-get install automake libtool build-essential cmake

Download ffmpeg.js

  1. git clone
  2. cd ffmpeg.js
  3. git submodule init
  4. git submodule update --recursive

Install Emscripten:

  1. Linux: Download
  2. ./emsdk update
  3. ./emsdk install latest
  4. Wait...
  5. ./emsdk activate latest
  6. source ./

Build ffmpeg.js

If there are errors with fribidi:

You might see errors like:

./configure: line 4255: syntax error near unexpected token `2.2'
./configure: line 4255: `LT_PREREQ(2.2)'

Make sure you have libtool installed.


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