I am Paul Kinlan.

A Developer Advocate for Chrome and the Open Web at Google.

I love the web. The web should allow anyone to access any experience that they need without the need for native install or content walled garden.

FAB without JavaScript

Paul Kinlan

Just after my daughter was born we needed a simple way to track "Baby Habits" (Read: Eat, Poop, Wee, Sleep, and maybe a bit of Vom). During my baby duties when the baby was asleep I built Akachan.app to help us keep on top of things. I wanted this app to load instantly, and given that JavaScript is one of the biggest contributors to a slow page load, I gave myself the challenge to build Akachan as a SPA without client-side JS (more in another post), which for the most part I was able to do this with traditional POST's and a hefty amount of Service Worker logic.

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