Journal May 11th, 2022

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    • This was a great thread about Storage on the web and how much of a game changer it is, but it missed a couple of points. Adoption is not because developers don't care, it's because UA have not solved their need.
      • Lack of consistency across browsers - which browser have what storage and for how long.
      • It's not persistent persistently :D the browser can evict it whenever it wants.
        • Actually I could swear Safari will drop it after 7 days of no usage.
      • Actual persistent persistence is gated behind arbitrary user gestures like a bookmark
        • Persistent storage
        • How high is the level of site engagement? Has the site been installed or bookmarked? Has the site been granted permission to show notifications?... What??? Seriously??
        • I can't rely on this... (is what developers say)
      • Browser vendors are hesitant of super-cookies (rightly)
      • See Storage for the web

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