Journal Jun 9th, 2022

  • Thought: (this won't make sense to anyone reading :D)
    • I saw a demo of replacing a media stream from the camera and transforming it with MediaStreamTrackGenerator - Web APIs | MDN and MediaStreamTrackProcessor - Web APIs | MDN and it blew my mind and made me think about permissions and trust on the web.
      • Lock down your site so it has no permissions and can't request something like Camera access? [Zero Permission] sites.
      • There is one site on the web that you trust to use the camera. The user opens that window and makes a camera stream, maybe it morphs the video too, puts some AR filters on it and then pipes it to the Window?
      • Transform stream to get Web Cam access and postMessage back to the calling app.
      • Does this work? Are all the pieces in place?
      • The other side of this is - you could provide a Stream Manipulation service so you don't have to import all the code to your page.
        • You could have a control panel for web apps that puts a BRB up on the video stream?
  • Thought: Dieter Bohn posited "what's the next wow moment for the web?", I then asked my team and Rachel Andrew asked "for users or developers"? Both I suppose.
    • I had two different thoughts in my head about what made me go Wow in the past
    • As a develoepr - MessageChannel API, I can pass these pipes through pipes and it opened my mind to a completely different way to build web sites.
    • As a user was video conferencing on the web
    • There are lots of other moments, but they were the first two I picked out.
    • Reflecting more, seeing Squoosh was another as a user and a developer.
    • When restaurants opened after COVID and I just paid and left with a QR code and Google Pay (kinda imagine how seamless it is with Apple Pay).

I lead the Chrome Developer Relations team at Google.

We want people to have the best experience possible on the web without having to install a native app or produce content in a walled garden.

Our team tries to make it easier for developers to build on the web by supporting every Chrome release, creating great content to support developers on, contributing to MDN, helping to improve browser compatibility, and some of the best developer tools like Lighthouse, Workbox, Squoosh to name just a few.