Google Doesn't Have the Guts to Make Page Speed Actually Matter


JavaScript Is the Web’s CO2

As a web developer, I find that most problems can be solved with just a little more JavaScript. Without someone or something to force the industry to cut back, web developers will continue to make web sites that only load “fast enough” via wifi on a fast laptop.

The browser vendors can’t save us. Every time they make the web faster, web developers “take advantage” of the change by using more JavaScript.

Our industry needs Google to take a principled stand, to significantly prioritize fast-loading sites over slow-loading sites


これを行うことができるのはGoogle(Google)だけではありません。私は私たちのチーム(WebとChrome DevRel)が、あなたが早く始動し、その後も速く動くのを助けるためのツールと指針を提供できることを見ていますが、その後、業績は機能だと思ったのではなく、


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