Font Playground - Play with variable fonts!

Font Playground is built for three groups of audiences.

The first group of audience is typographers and designers, who would like to play with fonts that are built with the latest font technologies, such as variable font. It is a playground to fully explore what these new font technologies can offer and how they can be beneficial to your creative workflow.

The second group of audience is me, as a Type Tool’s UI/UX designer. This is a playground for me to test UI experiments for variable fonts and other new upcoming font technologies. One of the key points to the success of new font technology is adoption by design tools, and furthermore, designers. How can design tool present variable fonts in a way that is useful but not too complicated to handle? I hope to find the answers with this playground.

The third group of audience is the type designers and foundries. This is a place to showcase the work-in-progress, cutting-edge font creations. It is a playground to see how fonts are being presented and used in future design tools. How fonts are used can also inform how fonts are made, and what standard should be defined.

Baca posting lengkap.

Ini adalah pengantar yang bagus untuk font yang bervariasi dan itu adalah tempat bermain yang bagus untuk melihat dengan cepat segala sesuatu yang dapat Anda variasikan dalam tindakan. Menambahkan beberapa baris teks sepertinya akan segera mendarat.

Catatan: Saya yakin ini belum berfungsi di Firefox karena tidak sepenuhnya mendukung Font Variabel.

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