Emscripten's compiled Web Assembly, used minimally

Sam Thorogood di Dev.to menulis,

Why did I write this post? Emscripten is a wonderful tool, but it has a long history (for asm.js), and isn’t perfect. I think it errs too much on the side of “magic”, and many posts rave about how it’s so easy to EMASM or use binding-fu, but this all comes at a cost, and can introduce huge amounts of inadvertent overhead—think copying huge memory buffers around because we’re trying to make them immutable or easily exposed.

Every language that is being compiled to Web Assembly needs a runtime—whether it be Go, or Rust, or C/C++ as we have here. I don’t believe that we’ll ever really be able to directly import Web Assembly via ES2015 modules, at least not without changes on the JS side. But it behooves us to write the smallest one we possibly can.

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Saya pikir kita semua melihat potensi wasm, sedikit bagi banyak dari kita banyak platform lain yang sekarang dapat datang ke web benar-benar asing bagi kita, dan kita benar-benar perlu mempelajari alat-alat itu, meningkatkan pengalaman pengembang wasm dan imo menawarkan pustaka prebuilt yang ‘web devs tradisional’ dapat digunakan.

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