I am Paul Kinlan.

A Developer Advocate for Chrome and the Open Web at Google.

I love the web. The web should allow anyone to access any experience that they need without the need for native install or content walled garden.

TRACK | A WebGL Experiment by Little Workshop

Paul Kinlan

This project is a musical experience built with WebGL and WebVR. Inspired by the music track, we created an ever-changing environment composed of various geometrical shapes. These were generated procedurally in Houdini and exported to Three.js. All visual elements are randomized differently on each viewing. पूर्ण पोस्ट पढ़ें। मेरे पास जोड़ने के लिए बहुत कुछ नहीं है, यह बिल्कुल अद्भुत है। इसकी जांच - पड़ताल करें।

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