I am Paul Kinlan.

A Developer Advocate for Chrome and the Open Web at Google.

I love the web. The web should allow anyone to access any experience that they need without the need for native install or content walled garden.

This.Javascript: State of Browsers - YouTube

Paul Kinlan

इस डॉट से ट्रेसी ली ने एक बेहतर साफ-सुथरा लाइव-स्ट्रीम आयोजित किया जो ब्राउज़र विक्रेताओं में लाया गया ताकि वे इस बात पर एक सिंहावलोकन दे सकें कि वे क्या काम कर रहे हैं: Browser representatives from Brave, Beaker, Edge, Chrome, & Mozilla get together to talk about recent updates and the state of browsers. Featured Speakers: Brendan Eich - Creator of Javascript, Co-founder & CEO at Brave Software Paul Frazee - Works on Beaker Browser Matthew Claypotch - Developer Advocate at Mozilla Paul Kinlan - Senior Developer Advocate at Google Patrick Kettner - Edge at Microsoft Amal Hussein - Senior Open Web Engineer at Bocoup Tracy Lee - GDE, RxJs Core Team, This Dot Co-founder पूर्ण पोस्ट पढ़ें।

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