Burnout Revenge!

I have just got Burnout Revenge for the XBox. I loved Burnout 3, so I thought I would try this. I think it is a vast improvement over the last game. I really like the music in it. I really like the graphics and the sense of speed. I really love the new levels and games. However, what has slightly got my goat is that the AI although very good is a bit predicatble. A case in point is that there is a level where I can exactly predict for the first 30 seconds what all the other enemy cars will do. The first car always crashes into oncoming traffic, the second two always go under the left side of the bridge, the next 3 cars always fight it out on the right side of the road. etc etc. Now there is some minor variation on where the cars might be on the road, but in general they always follow a very similar path!

Ah well you can’t have it all :)

Paul Kinlan

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