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I have just seen over on StupidFool.org, that Latricia has updated the XML::Feed CPAN module to be able to splice RSS/ATOM feeds into one ATOM feed.

So I recently updated my XML::Feed module on CPAN to support feed format conversion and splicing, and built a simple feed splicer that takes multiple feeds, splices them together, and produces an Atom feed that contains all of her activity. It’s not specific to Mena, of course–it could be used for any combination of feeds.
I’ll probably be writing more about this in the future, but for fun, here’s a one-liner feed splicer (requires XML::Feed 0.07 or higher):

[Via Stupidfool.org]

Now, I really like that idea. I had the same idea for AJAX Tagger 2.0. But since I haven’t got to that part of the application yet I have not had time to create it. However, now if this module lives up to what it says it does I won’t have to create a similar tool and I could use it pretty much straight away. :)

I was planning of exporting all the AJAX Tagger results of the feeds into one RSS/ATOM feed that can be subscribed too. I think I could accomplish something similar with OPML though.

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